The Greatest FlowMan

Break Bread2gether – Rapper With The Best Flow [ Overdrive Juan The Greatest Flowman]


Break Bread2gether By Overdrive Juan

As “The Greatest Flowman” I’m able to smoothly move around through or inside any object; with my objects being Life; Music; Arts; Entertainment; Mind and Existence. Let’s never forget the most important quality that serves as a catalyst to bringing everything together in the morphing process; “Show Improve”. Through your inquiring of knowledge; practice; dedication and experience; your improvements will always and should always be present. In order to become and maintain greatness you must always be looking to “Show M ‘Prove” to every weakness. Weakness will always be present. Not weakness as a flaw, yet weakness as; “when you continue to grow and strengthen this is a normal part of development”. As you strengthen one skill set the others have to rise to the occasion in order to maintain balance. Balance is peace. I have found, mastered and continue to Show Improve of these traits. Therefore” I am Overdrive Juan The Greatest Flowman”. 

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OverDrive Grind Vol. 1 April 8th Release



Release Biography: 

PlayBoi Juan A.K.A Overdrive Juan; is due to release his widely anticipated 3rd major studio album entitled OverDrive Grind Volume 1; April 8, 2017. ODG vol. 1 contains a slew of collaborative efforts from the top and hottest Artist, Producers, Designers and more. This musical journey gives listeners of all colors, ages and backgrounds a mind blowing experience inside the life and thoughts of the 21st century’s most prolific artist; with musical features such as 2017s women anthem “In To You”. Featuring the young phenomenon “PlayBoi Jr”, who delivers a youthfully hypnotic vocal display. ODG vol. 1 also contains party starters such as “Zooted” and “Mojo” featuring Trouble the Aviator who adds a smooth lyrical stoners presence to every song he graces. Mix that with tasty 808’s, mouth watering melodies and thirst quenching hooks; these singles leave you nothing less than satisfied. Overdrive Grind vol. 1 is the follow up to Juan’ s Ohio Music Award winning second album entitled “Blue Collar Grind”. When asked, “How do you feel you’ve grown on this album opposed to previous? And what have you preserved for your avid fans?”. PlayBoi responded;

– “ Well, life is a journey with many obstacles, knowing that I try everything in my willpower to not only stay ahead of the times, but also bring my listeners along with me. I strive to be inspirational with each song; and make a worry free motivational soundtrack that assist them along this “OverDrive Grind” called life. I feel like tracks such as Different; Look Good and Medication help to achieve such. As far as preservation for continued supporters.. I still give them every ounce of me, lol good; bad and ugly. My fans know and support the fact that I’m passionate about giving them the uncut truth.”

It’s A Movement

O∙ver∙drive is defined as the intensified state of activity and productivity. To be in Overdrive one must be willing to push pass limitations in order to successfully achieve any task. The Overdrive Movement applies that same intensity and tenacity to pursuing success in the entertainment industry. With hard work they have developed a brand that prides itself on quality and performance. Through efforts like Lady Overdrive Modeling, Team Overdrive Event Promotions, Overdrive Clothing, and the growing Overdrive Music catalog they are making a mark in the world of fashion and entertainment. Such ventures have gained the Overdrive Movement national attention, while at the same time providing avenues for up and coming artists to achieve their own dreams through effective career management and incomparable work ethic.


“It’s Overdrive Baayyybbee”

August 15th PlayBoi Juan Miley Cyrus Video Premier

Miley Cyru$ [Official Music Video Teaser] – PlayBoi Juan Feat. Shawnna Overdrive Movement CEO and breakout recording artist Playboi Juan releases highly anticipated dance single titled “Miley Cyrus” after America’s favorite child star turned twerk queen. On this latest single Playboi Juan surely will keep dance floors packed with bass filled beats, his rhythmic delivery, smooth vocals, and debonair wit. On this effort Playboi Juan has enlisted legendary hip hop diva Shawnna formerly of Ludacris’s DTP, to represent for the female listeners with a standout verse.