OverDrive Movement LLC Services

Sculpting an aspiring artist in a profitable, self functioning artist takes hard work, knowledge of the business, and investment. Overdrive Movement helps artist and bands develop themselves into brands in order to effectively, propelling careers to the next level.

Overdrive Movement will scout necessary talent for your project. We are affiliated with many Major and Independent Recording companies and therefore able to bridge the gap; rather it be features; Production from Songwriters, Producers, Singers or Rappers. ODM helps  you the Artist/Company or Brand with your song selections process. ODM will schedule and book studios for all your musical needs. Our A&R’s will  guide; assist and oversee your overall project process; as well as develop project concept.

(Songwriting fees are separate for each writer)

    • Music Consultation: *$25/hr; in studio consultation $35/hr (plus travel if applicable)
    • Song Shopping (Seeking Placement / Sync and Licensing ): Negotiable
    • Artist Development (3 Month Duration *$1200)
    • A&R your Project: (3 Month Duration *$1200 )


  • Marketing Plan: *$300 for write up.


  • Promotion:  (3 Month Duration *$500)

Promotions includes creating Press Kit (Biography , Photos, Demos, etc.) Shopping your music to ODMs Industry Contacts( Labels, Managers, Radio Stations, Production Companies and more). Email Blasts are Included.

*$800 package includes cold calling, mailing materials (press kits, announcements) Booking shows and events.

  • College Radio Touring and Event Booking (3 Month Duration $1500)

Overdrive Movement will plan, book and schedule nation wide college touring events. Including but not limited to (Live and Pre-Recorded Radio Interviews, In Studio Performances, Album Signings, Meet and Greets etc.) Radio tours include FM BDS soundscan tracked stations, as well as internet streaming stations. College Radio sets the On Air Radio trends therefore is a extremely important assets in Artist; Band and Branding Development. Artist material is added to each stations catalog for continuous spins. Touring includes a minimum guarantee off 3-5 promotional dates each month. More dates may be added to clients agreement at added cost. ODM does not cover travel expenses.

  • Mixing ( *$50 | $75 w/TrackOuts)
  • Mastering (*$15 per Track |$90 Full Album 7-14 track)
  • Single Cover Design  (*$40 )
  • Logo Design (*$200 )
  • Studio Photo Shoot (*$50 per Hour)
  • Video Shoot (Price available upon request)
  • Digital Distribution (Price available upon request)

*All other service pricing available upon request  

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Master Tech Mastering

We provide professional Audio Mixing CD Mastering services We provide professional Audio Mixing CD Mastering services


Mastering is the process of taking a recording and enhancing it to its fullest potential. It’s the fine-tuning that will make your mixes sound as “big” and as “clear” as possible without compromising the original feel or quality. This not only makes each song sound individually the best it can, but also makes the album as a whole sound consistent and unified.

upload your High Quality Wav/Mp3 be sure to add as the recipient:

Turnaround time for single song mastering is generally 2 business days. Upon completion, digital downloads will be provided (delivered electronically) in high quality WAV, and MP3 format for each song. Physical CD Masters can also be ordered and shipped directly to your doorstep for a small fee.

Service Includes
Noise Reduction
Proper Equalization
Tube Compression
Mastering Reverb
Peak Limiting
Adding Ambience
Stereo Widening
Stereo Balancing
Bass Enhancement
Dynamic Expansion
Text/ISRC Encoding