This year Overdrive Movement will be embarking on the “Christmas Warming”; where we will provide the homeless and less fortunate with holiday survival packs including food; water; hats; gloves; hand and feet warmers; blankets and much more, through out the greater Cleveland area. Donations are greatly appreciated for 2015 and the upcoming 2016 year.

Again thanks for everyones continued support!

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“Never Judge an man until you’ve walked a life in his shoes…”

We are often too quick to pass judgment on people without knowing exactly what they’ve been through; or what cards they’ve been dealt in the “GAME OF LIFE” that may be the catalyst to certain circumstances; thoughts; or emotions.

“a listening ear  with no prejudice  will go much further then a faultfinding perception”





There are so many sides to me, that only a fool would view; meet or speak with me and only view one. I am an ARTIST! That alone will speak for itself to anyone in the “ARTIST”community.

We are not one dimensional; we cannot be squeezed into a box. We act on impulse; not other’s thoughts. Therefore I re-enter. I am A artist; A father; A Entertainer; A scholar; A musician;… i could go on & on and then on somemore.

“But one thing about us “Artist”…, we allow our ART speak for the Universe!”


ODM Presents: PlayBoi Juan x Trouble The Aviator in “MAN DOWN”

ODM Presents: PlayBoi Juan x Trouble The Aviator in MAN DOWN

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/ig-norant-shid-dey-like-deluxe/id1051393386

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Playboi_Juan_IG_Norant_Shid_Dey_Like_Deluxe?id=Btphnadayunbxuxsj5bdas3hvsi


Music video by Playboi Juan performing Man Down. 2015 Overdrive Movement.