DAILY WORLD: We Are The Future

We should teach our children to be a great person first. Above all being a great person will allow and give them the confidence to succeed at anything; rather it be a Doctor; a N.A.SA. scientist, NBA ball player or the next generation of Video Game Developing. The notion of being true to you and an all around GREAT person does early developing that no being could ever explain.


This year Overdrive Movement will be embarking on the “Christmas Warming”; where we will provide the homeless and less fortunate with holiday survival packs including food; water; hats; gloves; hand and feet warmers; blankets and much more, through out the greater Cleveland area. Donations are greatly appreciated for 2015 and the upcoming 2016 year.

Again thanks for everyones continued support!

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“Never Judge an man until you’ve walked a life in his shoes…”

We are often too quick to pass judgment on people without knowing exactly what they’ve been through; or what cards they’ve been dealt in the “GAME OF LIFE” that may be the catalyst to certain circumstances; thoughts; or emotions.

“a listening ear  with no prejudice  will go much further then a faultfinding perception”





There are so many sides to me, that only a fool would view; meet or speak with me and only view one. I am an ARTIST! That alone will speak for itself to anyone in the “ARTIST”community.

We are not one dimensional; we cannot be squeezed into a box. We act on impulse; not other’s thoughts. Therefore I re-enter. I am A artist; A father; A Entertainer; A scholar; A musician;… i could go on & on and then on somemore.

“But one thing about us “Artist”…, we allow our ART speak for the Universe!”