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The Eclipse August 21st 2017

Rapper/Songwriter/Marketing Director/Designer… Trouble the Aviator is co founder of Overdrive Movement a multimedia promotions group. Through efforts like viral videos, private parties, fashion design, and street promo the Aviator is taking the entire business in his own hands. With a multitude of mixtapes, singles, and collabs in the rear view Trouble prepares to end 2017 with two new album releases and more new business ventures. Keep an eye to the sky for Trouble the Aviator.

The last time the United States witnessed a total Eclipse of the sun was 1979. This summer of 2017 we prepare for it again, as Trouble the Aviator releases the Eclipse. An EP to mark this celestial occasion.

OverDrive Grind Vol. 1 April 8th Release



Release Biography: 

PlayBoi Juan A.K.A Overdrive Juan; is due to release his widely anticipated 3rd major studio album entitled OverDrive Grind Volume 1; April 8, 2017. ODG vol. 1 contains a slew of collaborative efforts from the top and hottest Artist, Producers, Designers and more. This musical journey gives listeners of all colors, ages and backgrounds a mind blowing experience inside the life and thoughts of the 21st century’s most prolific artist; with musical features such as 2017s women anthem “In To You”. Featuring the young phenomenon “PlayBoi Jr”, who delivers a youthfully hypnotic vocal display. ODG vol. 1 also contains party starters such as “Zooted” and “Mojo” featuring Trouble the Aviator who adds a smooth lyrical stoners presence to every song he graces. Mix that with tasty 808’s, mouth watering melodies and thirst quenching hooks; these singles leave you nothing less than satisfied. Overdrive Grind vol. 1 is the follow up to Juan’ s Ohio Music Award winning second album entitled “Blue Collar Grind”. When asked, “How do you feel you’ve grown on this album opposed to previous? And what have you preserved for your avid fans?”. PlayBoi responded;

– “ Well, life is a journey with many obstacles, knowing that I try everything in my willpower to not only stay ahead of the times, but also bring my listeners along with me. I strive to be inspirational with each song; and make a worry free motivational soundtrack that assist them along this “OverDrive Grind” called life. I feel like tracks such as Different; Look Good and Medication help to achieve such. As far as preservation for continued supporters.. I still give them every ounce of me, lol good; bad and ugly. My fans know and support the fact that I’m passionate about giving them the uncut truth.”